Find out if liposuction atlanta cost is right for you

How will I know if I’m a good candidate for this procedure?

As much as we’d like SmartLipo to benefit everyone seeking body fat removal, this isn’t possible. Here are some of the things your physician will look at when they sit down with you to discuss the SmartLipo option:

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Are you in good health?

This should be obvious, but you may want to consult with you primary care physician before undergoing the procedure. You are not morbidly obese. Like traditional liposuction, SmartLipo is not intended to reduce weight. Its purpose is to remove excess body fat and to contour the body.
If you’re not pregnant or breast feeding. Here again this is standard medical practice for any woman considering elective procedures of this type.
You’re not taking blood thinning or anti-coagulant medications. Even though the Smart Lipo procedure has very little bleeding associated with it, taking these these types of medications pose an additional and unnecessary risk to you as a patient.
You are of the age of consent. As with any elective procedure the informed consent of the patient is required. By law minors are unable to give “informed consent.”
If you have an infection in the procedure area. Any infection can put you at risk to either infection.
If you have heart failure, severe kidney or liver disease should not have SmartLipo.
Again, speaking candidly with your physician regarding any medical condition or concern is the best advice.

How much fat is removed with SmartLipo?

First and foremost you need to know that this 21st century procedure, SmartLipo, is not a fat loss program or system. If you are obese and looking for a quick fix, unfortunately this is not such a procedure. For a medically approved solution to this type of issue please consult your primary care physician.

According to Slimplasty, what liposuction atlanta cost can and does do is remove that excessive fat tissue that builds up in many areas of the human body. You care about your appearance. You exercise and eat proper foods as a way of managing your weight. In spite of all you do to take care of yourself pockets of fat deposits will occur. The fat distribution and contouring that takes place in your body is genetically determined. For this reason all the exercising and other steps you take to look good will not remove those troubling pockets of fat buildup.

Persistent and chronic weight problems involve areas of the human anatomy where no form of liposuction is designed to address. We caution you to stay away from any liposuction provider who claims that this procedure will help you lose weight. Under most circumstances and depending on the procedure you could expect to lose no more than 5 – 8 pounds. Smart Lipo is designed to effectively remove excessive fat tissue that builds up around certain areas of the body.

If, on the other hand, what you’re seeking is an improved appearance for your body SmartLipo is the ideal solution to your problem.

Coolsculpting Atlanta Questions Answered

What is Coolsculpting?

Coolsculpting is a very exciting treatment. What it is, is a procedure where we drop the temperature of the fat cells down to about minus 40. This will cause the fat cells to be destroyed permanently so we can very safely and non-surgically contour the abdomen, the muffin top, basically everywhere. It’s fantastic.

Is Coolsculpting Painful?

You can ask most people, but it’s not painful at all, that’s one of the beauties of it. It’s very comfortable. It’s very manageable. In fact, there’s no real after mark. It doesn’t require any after care at all so none of the spanks, pads, or anything like that. You just go back to your normal business.

Is this good for the legs and back areas?

Coolsculpting is particularly good for the abdomen and the flanks. Those are areas that are really predictably good. The inner thighs, the upper arms, and the back fat are also really good indeed. So, there’s a lot of versatility to this treatment.

When should I start the Coolsculpting treatment?

You should start as soon as possible because it takes about eight weeks from beginning to end. If you’re going to do a treatment transformation (that’s what most people want because they want to really address specific areas such as the abdomen or the back) it’s good to start early so that by the time summer hits, you’ll really be looking in perfect shape.

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How many sessions do you need to have?

According to Coolsculpting Atlanta Slimplasty,It depends on how big the person is before we start. For example, if you’re normal weight and slim, we would normally do a couple of treatments over the muffin top area and a couple of treatments on top of the flanks and then you’ll get a really good contouring which could potentially help you go down in a dress size.

Where does the fat go?

It’s a permanent fat solution. The fat cells are completely destroyed by this process. They physically break down and the body’s immune system and blood cells break down the fat and excrete it through the bowls. It’s a very straightforward way of doing the treatment.

The Benefits of Ultherapy Atlanta

Hey guys! My name is Patricia Garcia and I’m very excited to be answering your questions regarding Ultherapy! I’m an Ultherapy specialist working in Atlanta, Georgia and I’ve been doing this for the past 4 years.

How is Ultherapy Different?

Ultherapy is different from all other non-invasive technologies in that we’re able to visualize the area of treatment as we’re doing it live. So, we place the Ultherapy transducer hand piece onto the skin, onto the area that we’re treating, and we can actually see live an ultra sound picture of the skin. Just like we see ultra sound pictures of a baby. We’re able to see the level of skin, the level of fat, and the level of muscle lining. We target the muscle lining and the under surface of the skin and we try to avoid the fat, unless we’re specifically wanting to reduce fat in certain patients. What makes it so different is we’re able to target the area actively as we’re going along, based on the patient’s anatomy and know exactly where and what we’re treating with this non-invasive technology. The other thing that makes it different from all other technologies is that it is ultra sound based. It’s not a laser it’s ultra-sound.

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How Long Does Ultherapy Last?

One of the questions that patients always ask during the Ultherapy consultation in Atlanta is, “How long will the results of my Ultherapy treatment last?” The answer to that is that patients will always look better than they will have for the rest of their life had they not had the treatment. So by having the treatment, you’re always going to look better than you would have, had you not had it. Now, patients age differently after any type of treatment so it’s hard to put an exact number or exact amount of time on how long Ultherapy lasts, unlike Botox or fillers that last a certain amount of time. But what we’ve been finding over the last few years in treating patients is that most patients have had just one treatment and still look better than they did before they started. The patients that do come back for a second treatment are usually coming back from one to three years later and they’re coming back because they like the effect and they like what they’ve seen, and they want more. So, it looks like Ultherapy actually is lasting a lot longer than we thought initially when it first came out. We first thought it would last maybe a year and now at meetings we’re hearing doctors saying that they recommend their patients to come back after two years to have another Ultherapy treatment. But it’s really based on the individual and what they want. Ultherapy is just a tool that helps to lift and and tighten and we have some patients who have the means and time and they’ve had two or three of them done about every six months and they look incredibly great. How long it lasts really depends on many factors but we’re finding that it’s lasting a lot longer than we thought.

My Friends Engagement Ring

My best friend just got the most incredible engagement ring from her long time boy friend. It was really such a special night when he proposed, and now we are just getting together to try to start planning her wedding, which I think is going to be the best one yet. I have been friends with her since we were in middle school, and in high school we pretty much did everything together. Its been quite awhile since then, but we are still really very close, and her boy friend has always been a really great friend of mine as well, so its almost like its all in the family.

gold necklace for menI knew he was planning a proposal for awhile now, and I actually did a little secret work for him to help set it up. Sometimes when my friend and I are out shopping I’ll convince her to duck inside a jewelry store and we end up checking out gold chain for men. I always pretend that I’m interested for myself, but I make a note of which ones she tries on and then tell her boyfriend about it. I just knew that he needed a little help in picking out the perfect engagement ring for her, because he just didn’t really understand what she would want to wear on her finger forever. It had to be perfect because its not something that you can get rid of really, you have to wear it forever, so it has to be something that you will like to wear and something that you will keep close to your hear the whole time as well. So then after he had the ring, I helped him come up with some plans for the big day that he was going to propose. He wanted to have someone hiding out and filming it for him, so he could give her the video at the wedding. And he needed some other coordination with getting her there and keeping it a secret.

In the end, it was a lot of work and we all pitched in, but it worked out well and it was all worth it. The engagement ring was perfect for her, and she totally freaked out when she saw it. There was no chance that she wasn’t going to say yes, or that she wasn’t going to cry. Of course she did both. And now that they are engaged, we are working on getting the wedding planned. I love planning things, so I love to help them out with all of this. Its going to be such a great party I think, and we are all going to dress up and look really fabulous. Its like the best party of the year, and we haven’t even had it yet. It won’t happen until next year, and so we have a long time to plan it and make sure that it is perfect. Because you only get one, so it has to be the best one that you can plan, and the ring alone proves that its going to be perfect.